Rabbit haptoglobin reference serum (DAGA-680)

Rabbit haptoglobin reference serum, native protein

Alternative Names
Rabbit; Haptoglobin; Serum
Batch dependent - please inquire should you have specific requirements
0.1% Sodium Azide
Frozen -20°C
Antigen Description
Haptoglobin (Hp) is an acute phase protein that binds the free hemoglobin (Hb), thus preventing iron loss and renal damage. Hp also has antioxidative and immunomodulatory properties.The haptoglobulin assay is used to screen for and monitor intravascular hemolytic anemia. In intravascular hemolysis, free hemoglobin will be released into circulation and hence haptoglobin will bind the hemoglobin.


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Influence of tea polyphenol and bovine serum albumin on tea cream formation by multiple spectroscopy methods and molecular docking


Authors: Yu, Xia; Cai, Xinghong; Luo, Liyong; Wang, Jie; Ma, Mengjun; Wang, Min; Zeng, Liang

The sensory qualities and shelf life of tea beverage strongly affected by tea cream that forms by the interaction of polyphenols and protein. The study aimed to investigate the effects of the interactions between tea polyphenols (TPs) and bovine serum albumin (BSA) on tea cream formation at different concentrations. The tea cream formation increased with TPs and BSA concentration increased. The optimal concentration (TPs: 800 mg/L, BSA: 40 mg/L), for high clarities and contents of phytochemicals, was selected by the technique for order preference by similarity to ideal solution (C = 0.7572). The interaction mechanism of TPs-BSA was investigated by fluorescence spectroscopy, UV-visible absorption spectroscopy, synchronous fluorescence spectroscopy, and molecular docking. TPs interacted with BSA via static quenching process, affecting tryptophan and tyrosine residue microenvironment of BSA. Ester catechins had more binding affinity than non-ester catechins. Hydrogen bonds were the main interaction forces of TPs-BSA.

Characterisation and bioactivities of an exopolysaccharide from an Antarctic bacterium Shewanella frigidimarina W32-2


Authors: Chen, Yimin; Gao, Peili; Tang, Xu; Xu, Changan

The continent of Antarctica breeds numerous special extremophiles that have adapted to the extreme variation of environment with a wide range of novel biodiversity. A cold-adapted bacterium Shewanella frigidimarina W32-2, isolated from Antarctic sediments, was identified to be a promising candidate of exopolysaccharides (EPS) production. In the present study, the physiochemistry and bioactivities of the EPS were investigated to promote its application in aquaculture. Physiological characterisation of this strain was firstly performed by means of combined API 20NE and API ZYM tests. A biochemical analysis revealed that the EPS contained a majority of carbohydrates (56.34 +/- 1.29%), uronic acids (8.23 +/- 0.55%) and high content of sulphate groups (35.43 +/- 1.84%), which were also confirmed by the FTIR spectrum showing various functional groups with potential antioxidant activities. The bioactive properties of the EPS in vitro and in vivo were both evaluated. The effect of the EPS on the non-specific immunity of red tilapia via serum injection exhibited 100% of survival rate. Improvement of activities in different serum enzymes, including AKP, ACP, SOD, CAT and LZM, was observed generally at the early stage of EPS treatment (except LZM at later stage). This study explores novel EPS from an extremophile exhibiting powerful bioactivity with immense potential in aquaculture sustainability.

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