Technical Platform

Multiple Epitopes Antigen Designer (MEAD™) Platform

Creative Diagnostics offers Multiple Epitopes Antigen Designer (MEAD™) Platform for polyclonal and monoclonal antibody development services.

The foremost advantage of MEAD™ platform is its high success rate in generating high-affinity antibodies recognizing difficult-to-express proteins, such as G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs), ion channels and other multiple membrane spanning proteins. Of note, our technology allows guaranteed antibody development against 7-membrane-spanning GPCR proteins!

For a typical antibody development project, Creative Diagnostics will design a panel of optimal antigens (peptides and protein fragments) to create a group of optimally immunized animals corresponding broad epitopes for a protein target. A hybridoma library consisting of a few dozen high affinity and high specificity cell lines will be generated. Monoclonal antibodies for Western, IP, IF/ICC, IHC and flow cytometry will be selected from this library with high success rate.

At Creative Diagnostics, a team of experienced monoclonal antibody gurus, molecular biologists, biochemists, cell biologists, immunologists, computer scientists and engineers are working together to create monoclonal assembly lines which successfully making tens of thousands of monoclonal antibodies a year at a fraction of your current cost.

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