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Microbiology Testing Kits - Creative DiagnosticsCreative Diagnostics is committed to providing you innovative manual microbiology testing kits with the most highly responsive and technically relevant solutions, increasing operational efficiency, and elevating quality standards. Our continuum of products is suitable for a variety of microbiological applications including:

Bacterial Biochemical Identification Kits
Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test Kits

The accurate and definitive identification of the causative agents of a disease and the detection of antimicrobial resistance remain a fundamental premise in the field of infectious disease research, clinical microbiology and epidemiology. The appropriateness and effectiveness of the microbial diagnosis significantly influence the choice of the antimicrobial agents to be used in the treatment of infection and trace-back of disease outbreaks associated with microbial infections. Although the molecular and serological methods have been extensively developed in microbial diagnostics in a culture-independent manner, the conventional apporaches are still useful and have unparalleled advantages in accuracy, sensitivity, specificity, convenience and cost-effectiveness in regard with some microbial specimen especially the antimicrobial strains.

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