Immunobiology Grade

Overview Properties Product Name Cat# Price
For vaccination of sensitive animals For vaccination of sensitive animals, such as horses and camels ADJUVANT FAMA ADJU-001CL INQUIRY
Adjuvant for laboratory animals Laboratory adjuvant, predosed. Unique stimulatory effect.  ADJUVANT 10 ADJU-002CL INQUIRY

Adjuvant for antibody production

Laboratory adjuvant, predosed. Unique stimulatory effect.  ADJUVANT 100 ADJU-003CL INQUIRY
For production of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. For IgY production. ADJUVANT LQ ADJU-004CL INQUIRY
For Monoclonal Antibody production ADJUVANT MM ADJU-005CL INQUIRY


Cationic emulsifying detergent ESTERQUAT 1 ADJU-006CL INQUIRY
Immunostimulator. >93% from Mycobacterium tubercolosis, bovine.  MYCOLIC ACID ADJU-007CL INQUIRY
For permeabilization of cell membranes and separation of low molecular weight contaminants. SAPONINE QUIL A ADJU-008CL INQUIRY
Immunohistochemical & biophysiochemical compound. >97% 6,6'-dimycoloyl-α-D-trehalose. Bovine (Mycobacterium bovis).  TREHALOSE DIMYCOLATE ADJU-009CL INQUIRY
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