Vaccine Grade


  • Product Name
  • Gardiquimod / Imidazoquinoline compound
  • Cat.No.
  • ADJU-028CL
  • Content
  • 5 mg of lyophilized Gardiquimod Vaccine grade adjuvant
    10 ml sterile endotoxin-free physiological water (NaCl 0.9%)
  • Storage and Stability
  • Gardiquimod is shipped at room temperature and should be stored at -20°C. Lyophilized product is stable 1 year when properly stored.
    - Upon resuspension, prepare aliquots of Gardiquimod and store at -20°C for long term storage. Resuspended product is stable 6 months when properly stored. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
  • Description

  • Gardiquimod is a imidazoquinoline compound. Gardiquimod is a Toll-like receptor (TLR)-7 agonist and, like other TLR7 agonists, such as Imiquimod (R837), is an immune response modifier with potent antitumor activity. Gardiquimod has been shown to activate antigen-presenting cells, including dendritic cells (DC) and promote activation of T and natural killer (NK) cells making it a good vaccine adjuvant candidate.
    A recent study suggests that Gardiquimod may serve as a vaccine adjuvant to potentiate the efficiency of DC-based tumor immunotherapy. In another study, a tuberculosis vaccine formulated with Gardiquimod was found to protect mice against Mycobacterium tuberculosis when administred intradermally. Furthermore, Velasquez et al. have reported the potential use of Gardiquimod as a mucosal adjuvant for viruslike particles-based vaccines.
  • Preparation of Sterile Stock Solution (1 mg/ml)
  • Add 5 ml endotoxin-free physiological water to 5 mg Gardiquimod vial to obtain a solution at 1 mg/ml.
    - Mix the solution by pipetting up and down.
  • Working Concentration
  • 10-100 μg/mouse
  • Chemical Properties

  • Formula: C17H23N5O
    Molecular weight: 313.4
    Solubility: 1 mg/ml in physiological water

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