Anti-FOXL1 monoclonal antibody (DMABT-H13781)

Mouse anti-Human FOXL1 monoclonal antibody for WB, IHC, IF, ELISA


Host Species
Antibody Isotype
Species Reactivity
FOXL1 (NP_005241, 132 a.a. ~ 240 a.a) full length recombinant protein with GST tag. MW of the GST tag alone is 26 KDa.


Alternative Names
FOXL1; forkhead box L1; FKHL11; forkhead box protein L1; FKH6; FREAC7
Entrez Gene ID
UniProt ID


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Network-based approach to identify molecular signatures and therapeutic agents in Alzheimer's disease


Authors: Rahman, Md. Rezanur; Islam, Tania; Turanli, Beste; Zaman, Toyfiquz; Faruquee, Hossain Md.; Rahman, Md. Mafizur; Mollah, Md. Nurul Haque; Nanda, Ranjan Kumar; Arga, Kazim Yalcin; Gov, Esra; Moni, Mohammad Ali

Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a dynamic degeneration of the brain with progressive dementia. Considering the uncertainties in its molecular mechanism, in the present study, we employed network-based integrative analyses, and aimed to explore the key molecules and their associations with small drugs to identify potential biomarkers and therapeutic agents for the AD. First of all, we studied a transcriptome dataset and identified 1521 differentially expressed genes (DEGs). Integration of transcriptome data with protein-protein and transcriptional regulatory interactions resulted with central (hub) proteins (UBA52, RAC1, CREBBP, AR, RPS11, SMAD3, RPS6, RPL12, RPL15, and UBC), regulatory transcription factors (FOXCl, GATA2, YY1, FOXL1, NFIC, E2F1, USF2, SRF, PPARG, and JUN) and microRNAs (mir-335-5p, mir-26b-5p, mir-93-5p, mir-124-3p, mir-17-5p, mir-16-5p, mir-20a-5p, mir-92a-3p, mir-106b-5p, and mir-192-5p) as key signaling and regulatory molecules associated with transcriptional changes for the AD. Considering these key molecules as potential therapeutic targets and Connectivity Map (CMap) architecture, candidate small molecular agents (such as STOCK1N-35696) were identified as novel potential therapeutics for the AD. This study presents molecular signatures at RNA and protein levels which might be useful in increasing discernment of the molecular mechanisms, and potential drug targets and therapeutics to design effective treatment strategies for the AD.

FoxF1 and FoxL1 Link Hedgehog Signaling and the Control of Epithelial Proliferation in the Developing Stomach and Intestine


Authors: Madison, Blair B.; McKenna, Lindsay B.; Dolson, Diane; Epstein, Douglas J.; Kaestner, Klaus H.

The hedgehog (Hh) signaling pathway is a key component of cross-talk during vertebrate gut development, involving endodermally secreted Sonic (Shh) and Indian hedgehog (Ihh) proteins that directly signal to adjacent mesoderm. Here we show that the closely linked mesenchymal forkhead transcription factors Foxf1 and Foxl1 are part of this signaling cascade. Analysis of conserved non-coding sequences surrounding Foxf1 and Foxl1 identified seven Gli binding sites, with two sites near Foxl1 being identical among mammalian, bird, fish, and amphibian species. In vitro experiments indicate that Gli2 binds to these Gli sites, several of which are critical for Gli2-mediated activation of a luciferase reporter in 293 cells. In addition, we demonstrate occupancy of one of these elements by Gli proteins in the intestine in vivo using chromatin immunoprecipitation. Furthermore, expression of both Foxf1 and Foxl1 is reduced in the Gli2/Gli3 mutant gut. These results provide compelling evidence that Foxf1 and Foxl1 are mediators of the Hh (endoderm) to mesoderm signaling pathway.

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