ELISA Kit Development

Creative Diagnostics provides contract ELISA development kit services for the R&D and IVD community. We conduct ELISA kit development services for supporting regulatory approval submission. Creative Diagnostics will carry out the approval proposal and deliver the expected results and documents in a time and cost effective manner.

Through combined expertise in antibody generation and immunoassay development, we have produced a large number of diagnostic antibodies that cover a wide range of disease portfolio including infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and bone diseases, with osteoporosis in particular.

ELISA Formats:

Direct ELISA
  • directly labeling the antibody
  • relatively quick, and avoids potential problems of cross-reactivity
  • requires the labeling of every antibody, time-consuming and expensive
  • lack the additional signal amplification
Sandwich ELISA
  • measures the amount of antigen between two layers of antibodies
  • restricted to the quantitation of multivalent antigens
  • especially valuable when the concentration of antigens is low
  • reach detection sensitivity at sub-femtogram per ml level
Competitive ELISA
  • frequently used for the detection of small analyte antigens containing a single epitope
  • an inverse relationship between the signal obtained and the concentration of the analyte

Detection Methods:

  • Light absorbance
  • Fluorescence intensity or polarization
  • Fluorescence resonance energy transfer
  • Luminescence

Assay Milestones:

Why choose Creative Diagnostics?

  • There are a wide range of ELISA Kits for the detection of hundreds of different proteins and molecules including cytokines, growth factors, markers for infectious diseases, diabetes and tumor, drugs and small molecules, etc. in our website. You can select one directly.
  • We provide optimizing service. Our research team will optimize an existing kit by testing other antibodies or reagents based on your special request.
  • Start from scratch. Our staff scientists will work with you to avoid some of the early pitfalls of assay development by reviewing the purpose of your assay and the desired attributes before the process starts and follow rigorous guidelines for quality control from start to finish.
  • We focus on thorough optimization and validation of every aspect of assay development, including antibody specificity, assay sensitivity, reproducibility (intra- and inter-assay), cross-reactivity, standard curve range, assay accuracy (linearity and recovery) and kit stability.
  • Our featured small molecule design and rat IgG or chicken IgY monoclonal antibody production services can cover most of your needs.

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