Chicken IgY Antibody Production

Creative Diagnostics provides the most cost-effective custom chicken IgY antibody production services in the industry. We offer standard 56 day chicken production packages which consist of 4 immunizations, resulting in the collection of 12-15 eggs per chicken (please see example project timeline below). We typically use 2 chickens for each project.

Creative Diagnostics provides free antigen design to assist in selection of the best possible antigen sequence for eliciting the desired antibody response. We use the latest in software with the proper algorithms to assess antigenicity, hydrophilicity, flexibility, secondary structure and aggregation potential.

Project Timeline:

Package 1
Customer Antigen to lgY Purified Antibody
Package 2
Customer Antigen to Affinity Purified Antibody
Package 3
Antigen Synthesis to lgY Purified Antibody
Package 4
Antigen Synthesis to Affinity Purified Antibody
Service Includes
Antigen design & synthesis
Immunization of 2 chickens
ELISA titre
lgY purification
Affinity purification
Time (weeks) 10-12 10-13 13-15 13-15
What You Receive
Full project report
ELISA data
Preimmune serum (5mL)
lgY purified antibody
Affinity purified antibody
Affinity resin (10mL)
Antigen (2-3mg)

How much antigen should you ship us?

We recommend immunization with, between 0.7 and 1 milligrams of purified recombinant protein or peptide conjugate per hen and prefer a concentration of at least 2 mg/ml. If you would like your IgY affinity purified, we need additional antigen at a concentration greater than 3 mg/ml to make an affinity column. The amount of immunogen required to make your affinity column depends on how much affinity purified IgY is needed for your project.

Where do you ship your antigen?

Industrial Quantities

For those customers requiring large scale production of IgY, we can meet your specific requirements. All laboratory work is performed using standard operating procedures to assure the highest quality of your custom product depending on your immunogen, how much IgY is required and over what time-frame, we will design a custom project that will suit your needs.

For bulk quantities of IgY, we usually recommend multiple hen immunizations and the pooling of their eggs for IgY purification. Following our standard immunization protocol (4 immunizations over 40 days), hens receive a booster shot every 70 days to maintain a high titre yolk.

Advantages of Chicken IgY Antibodies

  • Higher avidity: most mammalian proteins exhibit enhanced immunogenicity in chickens than in mammals due to phylogenetic distance, and thus raise antibodies of higher avidity; this also makes production of antibodies against conserved mammalian proteins more successful in chicken than in mammals.
  • Higher specificity: compared with mammalian IgG, chicken IgY has less cross reactivity with mammalian proteins other than the immunogen;
  • Lower background: IgY and IgG are structurally different in the Fc region; IgY does not bind to IgG Fc receptors and causes less false positive staining.
  • High yield: very low quantities of antigen are required to obtain high and long-lasting IgY titer in the egg yolk; chickens lay eggs regularly, providing a continual source of IgY antibody.

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