Materials and Reagents

Colloidal Gold Particle

Gold particles offer excellent stability and sensitivity characteristics. As the market is growing to expect higher standard of products, gold has raised increasingly attention as an extremely reliable raw material in providing accurate visual signals.

Gold colloid is an ideal reagent in the development and manufacture of various assays because particles with different sizes can be used for different applications. It is essentially inert, manufactured by Creative Diagnostics, and forms uniform spherical particles at any size you expected.

Stringent processes ensure that gold reagents are of high quality, regardless of the particle size. The flexibility of gold, coupled with the excellent binding properties to proteins, makes it a preferred label in the majority of rapid tests.

Creative Diagnostics gold colloid is available in a wide range of pre-determined sizes and is supplied ready for conjugation at a selected range of concentrations (measured in optical density (OD) units at 520nm). Creative-Diagnostics' gold colloid has a shelf life of 12 months when stored unopened at 4°C.

Creative Diagnostics manufactures gold colloid in the following range of sizes. Find the right one that fits your application now!

2nm 15nm 40nm 80nm 200nm
5nm 200n 50nm 100nm 250nm
10nm 30nm 60nm 150nm

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