Vaccine Grade


  • Product Name
  • Chitosan / NLRP3 inflammasome inducer - Vaccine adjuvant
  • Cat.No.
  • ADJU-046CL
  • Content
  • • 100 mg sterile lyophilized Chitosan 
    • 10 ml sterile endotoxin-free water containing 1 % acetic acid
    • 10 ml sterile endotoxin-free physiological water (NaCl 0.9 %)
  • Storage and Stability
  • Chitosan is provided lyophilized and shipped at room temperature. Store at 2-8 °C. Lyophilized product is stable for 12 months when properly stored.
    - Upon resuspension, store Chitosan at 2-8 °C. Resuspended product is stable for 6 months when properly stored.
  • Chemical Properties

  • Synonym: Poly(D-glucosamine); Deacetylated chitin
    CAS number: 9012-76-4
    Molecular weight: 60 - 120 kDa
    Degree of acetylation (%mol): 15-25
    Endotoxin Level: <5EU/mg
    Working concentration: 100 mg/mouse
  • Description

  • Chitosan is the deacetylated derivative of chitin, a polysaccharide found in the exoskeletons of crustaceans and in the cell walls of fungi. Chitosan is well known for its use in drug delivery, where it is used as a bioadhesive agent and to enhance the absorption of proteins across mucosal surfaces. In addition to its role in drug delivery, chitosan acts as an adjuvant, owning to its immunostimulatory activity. Due to its bioadhesive properties, chitosan is efficiently taken up by phagocytotic cells, leading to the strong induction of systemic and mucosal immune responses. Although the activity of chitosan is not fully understood, there are some clues to its mode of action. Chitosan stimulates the immune system by activating the NLRP3 inflammasome, leading to potent IL‑1β production. When tested in experimental models of vaccination, chitosan elicits a balanced Th1/Th2 response.

    Chitosan is a sterile ultra-pure chitosan of non-animal origin, purified from white edible mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus), that has been formulated to increase its solubility. It contains very low levels of endotoxins (<5 EU/mg).
  • Preparation of Stock Solution (20 mg/ml)
  • Add 5 ml sterile endotoxin-free water containing 1% acetic acid (provided) to the vial containing 100 mg Chitosan.
    - Leave for 15 minutes at room temperature (15-25 °C). Vortex solution and leave for a further 15 minutes at room temperaure (15-25 °C).
    - Vortex for 30 seconds or until completely dissolved.
    Note: The solution is viscous and may appear slightly yellow.
    - Prepare further dilutions by adding the appropriate amount of sterile endotoxin‑free physiological water (provided).

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