Bacterial Biochemical Identification Kits

Bacterial Biochemical Identification Kits - Creative Diagnostics By deployment of the latest innovative technologies and advanced manufacturing techniques, Creative Diagnostics offers biochemical identification panels, discs and strips for a broad range of bacterial species. The panels coated with dehydrated chemical reagents utilize a series of conventional and chromogenic biochemical tests for rapid identification of different organisms, which may be read manually or using a reader. The disc or strip contains specific dried chemical reagents. Our easy-to-use products provide a cost effective identification and differentiation tool, which have proven accuracy in identifying over 300 organisms. We are making manual microbial identification easier than ever.

Biochemical tests are the tests performed for the identification of bacteria species based on the differences in their biochemical activities. These differences are in the aspects of carbohydrate metabolism, protein metabolism, fat metabolism, production of certain enzymes, ability to utilize a particular compound etc. Each species of bacteria has a well-defined set of biochemical fingerprints different from all other species, which will assist us to correctly identify the particular bacterium of interest. The most common and conventional biochemical tests include:

Acid phosphatase test Catalase test Lysine Decarboxylase test
Arylsulfatase test Citrate utilization test Niacin test
Bacitracin Sensitivity Test Coagulase test Nitrate reduction test
Beta-glucuronidase test (MUG Test) DNase test Oxidase test
Bile solubility test Indole test Pyrazinamidase test and so on.
CAMP Test Litmus milk decolorization test Urease test


  • Ready-to-Use
  • Easy-to-Perform
  • Quality Assurance
  • Quick and Reliable Result Generation
  • Clear and Well Defined Color Changes
  • Easy-to-Interpret, reader is NOT required
  • High Sensitivity, Specificity and Reproducibility
  • Cost Effective
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