Anti-idiotype Antibody Assay Development Services

ELISA assays development

Monoclonal antibodies raised against the idiotype of ‘drug’ antibody are capable of uniquely identifying the drug’s presence and concentration in human serum or other tissues. Therefore, anti-idiotype antibodies are used in pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamics (PD) studies. Typically we can develop capture and detection antibodies (Type 1-3) to be used in sandwich ELISA assays for the quantification of drug antibodies in patient serum or expression system supernatants.

ELISA assays development

ELISA assays development

Anti-drug Antibodies Assay

Anti-idiotype antibodies are typically used as positive control in Anti-Drug Antibodies Assay, which aims to determine whether a patient develops antibodies against the therapeutic antibody. For more information about Anti-Drug Antibodies Assay, please click the link: ADA assays

Neutralization Assay and Blocking assay

Often our customers develop anti-idiotype antibodies as controls for neutralization assays and blocking assay. Anti-Ids candidates are screened for the ability to neutralize or block specific ligand binding of an antibody/receptor. Creative Diagnostics has a proven track record of achieving successful outcomes with higher complexity projects.

Neutralizing ADAs

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