Magic™ Anti-Tau monoclonal antibody (DCABH-2626)


Host Species
Antibody Isotype
Species Reactivity
A phospho specific peptide corresponding to residues surrounding Serine 235 of Human Tau (P10636).


Application Notes
WB: 1/1000 - 1/10000.
*Suggested working dilutions are given as a guide only. It is recommended that the user titrates the product for use in their own experiment using appropriate negative and positive controls.


Alternative Names
MAPT; microtubule-associated protein tau; DDPAC, MAPTL; FLJ31424; FTDP 17; G protein beta1/gamma2 subunit interacting factor 1
Entrez Gene ID
UniProt ID

Product Background

Alzheimers disease, organism-specific biosystem; Alzheimers disease, conserved biosystem; Apoptosis, organism-specific biosystem; Apoptotic cleavage of cellular proteins, organism-specific biosystem; Apoptotic executionphase, organism-specific biosystem; Caspase-mediated cleavage of cytoskeletal proteins, organism-specific biosystem; IL-6 Signaling Pathway, organism-specific biosystem;


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Bond characteristics and microwave dielectric properties of (Li0.5Ga0.5)(2+) doped Mg2Al4Si5O18 ceramics


Authors: Lou, Weichao; Song, Kaixin; Hussain, Fayaz; Liu, Bing; Bafrooei, Hadi Barzegar; Lin, Huixin; Su, Weitao; Shi, Feng; Wang, Dawei

Cordierite ceramic is one kind of important electronic materials for radio frequency circuit. In this work, Mg2-x(Li0.5Ga0.5)(x)Al4Si5O18 (0 <= x <= 0.1) ceramics with pure cordierite phase, were successfully synthesized via the traditional solid state reaction method. The dependence of microwave dielectric properties on the crystal structure was analyzed in detail by the complex chemical bond theory (P-V-L theory) and classical dielectric polarizability theory. The dielectric constant (epsilon(r)) was mainly related to the density, bond ionicity and ionic polarizability of Mg2-x (Li0.5Ga0.5)(x)Al4Si5O18 ceramics. The quality factor (Q x f) was in relationship to the lattice energy, atomic packing fraction and centrosyrnmetry of [Si4Al2O18] hexagonal ring in cordierite crystal structure. The temperature coefficient of resonant frequency (tau(f)) value was dominated by the bond energy and distortions of [MgO6] octahedron. The maximum values of Q x f = 50,560 GHz and epsilon(r) = 4.72 were obtained for undoped Mg2Al4Si5O18 and Mg1.98Li0.01Ga0.01Al4Si5O18, respectively.

Stability and convergence of multistep schemes for 1D and 2D fractional model with nonlinear source term


Authors: Maurya, Rahul Kumar; Devi, Vinita; Singh, Vineet Kumar

Stable multistep schemes based on Caputo fractional derivative approximation are pre-sented for solving 1D and 2D nonlinear fractional model arising from dielectric media. We approximate Caputo fractional derivatives in time with a multistep scheme of order O(tau(3-alpha)) & O(tau(3-beta)), 1 < beta

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