Mouse Anti-Bovine INS Hybridoma [CF4G0] (CSC-H1183)

This hybridoma produces mAbs (IgG2a, kappa light chain) against bovine INS

General Information

Beef insulin
IgG2a, kappa light chain
Fusion Species
Mouse X Mouse Hybridoma
Immunological Donor
Mouse spleen
Cell Line Description
Animals were immunized with beef insulin. Spleen cells were fused with Sp2/0-Ag14 myeloma cells. The antibody binds to insulins of cow, pig, human, sheep and rabbit. The antibody cross-reacts with insulin from chicken, guinea pig and fish and pro-insulin from pig and cow. Tested and found negative for ectromelia virus (mousepox).
Growth Properties

Culture Method

Complete Growth Medium
DMEM with 4 mM L-glutamine, 4500 mg/L glucose, 1 mM sodium pyruvate and 1500 mg/L sodium bicarbonate, supplemented with 10% FBS.
Incubate cells at 37°C with 5% CO2 in air atmosphere, renew medium every 2-3 days, start cells at 2x10^5 cells/mL and maintain cultures between 1x10^5-1x10^6 cells/ml
Liquid nitrogen vapor phase.

Freezing medium: to complete growth medium, add 5%(v/v) DMSO


Entrez Gene ID


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Stereophotogrammetry for 2-D building deformation monitoring using Kalman Filter


Authors: Odumosu, J. O.; Adeleke, O. O.; Nnam, V. C.; Avoseh, O. J.; Ogundeji, O. A.

Stereo photogrammetry has been used in this study to analyse and detect movements within the Lecture theater of School of Environmental Technology of Federal University of Technology Minna via the use of Kalman filter algorithm. The essential steps for implementation of this method are herein highlighted and results obtained indicate Ins. Mov.s (velocity) ranging from +/- 0.0000001 m/epoch to +/- 0.000007 m/epoch with greater movements noticed in the horizontal direction than in the vertical direction of the building. Because the observed movements were insignificant, the building has been classified as stable. However, a longer period of observation with a bi-monthly observational interval has been recommended to enable decision on the rate of rise/sink and deformation of the building.

Transferability of nuclear microsatellite markers toStigmatodonspecies: a bromeliad genus endemic to vertical cliffs of inselbergs in Brazil


Authors: Manhaes, Vitor Cunha; Couto, Dayvid Rodrigues; Salgueiro, Fabiano; da Costa, Andrea Ferreira

StigmatodonLeme, G.K.Br. & Barfuss is one of the most representative Bromeliaceae genera that grow on the steepest slopes of the inselbergs of southeastern Brazil. Inselberg environments are characterized as islands due to their restricted, disjunct distribution and geographical isolation. These features make these sites interesting models for evolutionary and population genetic studies. In this study we report, the cross-species transferability of nuclear microsatellite markers, originally developed for other Bromeliaceae, to fourStigmatodonspecies:Stigmatodon brassicoides,S. costae,S. goniorachisandStigmatodonsp. nov. Twenty-four microsatellite markers were tested, and 12 of these were successfully amplified in the four studied species. InS. brassicoidesandS. costae, 10 markers showed amplification with polymorphism, and inStigmatodonsp. nov andS. goniorachis, all 12 markers showed polymorphisms. The number of alleles ranged from two to four inS. brassicoides;from two to three inS. costae; from two to six inStigmatodonsp. nov; and from two to seven inS. goniorachis.H(O)values ranged from 0.05 (P2P19 locus) inS. brassicoidesto 0.689 (VgA04 locus) inS. goniorachis. The set of amplified microsatellite markers described in this study will be a useful tool for addressing various evolutionary, ecological and conservation aspects ofStigmatodonspecies.

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