Anti-Ubiquitin monoclonal antibody (DMAB5390MH)


Host Species
Antibody Isotype
Species Reactivity
BALB/C mice were immunized with purified human ubiquitin.


Alternative Names
Ubiquitin; Ubiquitin A; Ubiquitin D; ubiquitin R-48; Ubiquitin G; Ubiquitin-13C


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Debulking of topoisomerase DNA-protein crosslinks (TOP-DPC) by the proteasome, non-proteasomal and non-proteolytic pathways


Authors: Sun, Yilun; Saha, Liton Kumar; Saha, Sourav; Jo, Ukhyun; Pommier, Yves

Topoisomerases play a pivotal role in ensuring DNA metabolisms during replication, transcription and chromosomal segregation. To manage DNA topology, topoisomerases generate break(s) in the DNA backbone by forming transient enzyme-DNA cleavage complexes (TOPcc) with phosphotyrosyl linkages between DNA ends and topoisomerase catalytic tyrosyl residues. Topoisomerases have been identified as the cellular targets of a variety of anti-cancer drugs (e.g. topotecan, irinotecan, etoposide and doxorubicin, and antibiotics (e.g. ciprofloxacin and levofloxacin). These drugs, as well as other exogenous and endogenous agents, convert the transient TOPcc into persistent TOPcc, which we refer to as topoisomerase DNA-protein crosslinks (TOP-DPC) that challenge genome integrity and lead to cell death if left unrepaired. Proteolysis of the bulky protein component of TOP-DPC (debulking) is a poorly understood repair process employed across eukaryotes. TOP-DPC proteolysis can be achieved either by the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway (UPP) or by non-proteasomal proteases, which are typified by the metalloprotease SPRTN/WSS1. Debulking of TOP-DPC exposes the phosphotyrosyl bonds, hence enables tyrosyl-DNA phosphodiesterases (TDP1 and TDP2) to access and cleave the bonds. In this review, we focus on current knowledge of the protease pathways for debulking TOP-DPC and highlighting recent advances in understanding the mechanisms regulating the proteolytic repair pathways. We also discuss the avenues that are being exploited to target the proteolytic repair pathways for improving the clinical outcome of topoisomerase inhibitors.

SUMO proteins in the cardiovascular system: friend or foe?


Authors: Shetty, Prithviraj Manohar Vijaya; Rangrez, Ashraf Yusuf; Frey, Norbert

Post-translational modifications (PTMs) are crucial for the adaptation of various signalling pathways to ensure cellular homeostasis and proper adaptation to stress. PTM is a covalent addition of a small chemical functional group such as a phosphate group (phosphorylation), methyl group (methylation), or acetyl group (acetylation); lipids like hydrophobic isoprene polymers (isoprenylation); sugars such as a glycosyl group (glycosylation); or even small peptides such as ubiquitin (ubiquitination), SUMO (SUMOylation), NEDD8 (neddylation), etc. SUMO modification changes the function and/or fate of the protein especially under stress conditions, and the consequences of this conjugation can be appreciated from development to diverse disease processes. The impact of SUMOylation in disease has not been monotonous, rather SUMO is found playing a role on both sides of the coin either facilitating or impeding disease progression. Several recent studies have implicated SUMO proteins as key regulators in various cardiovascular disorders. The focus of this review is thus to summarize the current knowledge on the role of the SUMO family in the pathophysiology of cardiovascular diseases.

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