Anti-Factor XII monoclonal antibody (DMAb6332MH)

Mouse anti-Human Factor XII monoclonal antibody for RIA, WB, ELISA Datasheet

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Purified human factor XII


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Product Background

Gene summary
F12 (Coagulation Factor XII) is a Protein Coding gene. Diseases associated with F12 include factor xii deficiency and angioedema, hereditary, type iii. Among its related pathways are Platelet activation, signaling and aggregation and Formation of Fibrin Clot (Clotting Cascade). GO annotations related to this gene include calcium ion binding and peptidase activity. An important paralog of this gene is PLAT. This gene encodes coagulation factor XII which circulates in blood as a zymogen. This single chain zymogen is converted to a two-chain serine protease with an heavy chain (alpha-factor XIIa) and a light chain. The heavy chain contains two fibronectin-type domains, two epidermal growth factor (EGF)-like domains, a kringle domain and a proline-rich domain, whereas the light chain contains only a catalytic domain. On activation, further cleavages takes place in the heavy chain, resulting in the production of beta-factor XIIa light chain and the alpha-factor XIIa light chain becomes beta-factor XIIa heavy chain. Prekallikrein is cleaved by factor XII to form kallikrein, which then cleaves factor XII first to alpha-factor XIIa and then to beta-factor XIIa. The active factor XIIa participates in the initiation of blood coagulation, fibrinolysis, and the generation of bradykinin and angiotensin. It activates coagulation factors VII and XI. Defects in this gene do not cause any clinical symptoms and the sole effect is that whole-blood clotting time is prolonged.
Antigen Description
Factor XII deficiency (FA12D) [MIM:234000]: An asymptomatic anomaly of in vitro blood coagulation. Its diagnosis is based on finding a low plasma activity of the factor in coagulating assays. It is usually only accidentally discovered through pre-operative blood tests. Factor XII deficiency is divided into two categories, a cross-reacting material (CRM)-negative group (negative F12 antigen detection) and a CRM-positive group (positive F12 antigen detection). Note=The disease is caused by mutations affecting the gene represented in this entry. Hereditary angioedema 3 (HAE3) [MIM:610618]: An hereditary angioedema occurring only in women. Hereditary angioedema is an autosomal dominant disorder characterized by episodic local swelling involving subcutaneous or submucous tissue of the upper respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts, face, extremities, and genitalia. Hereditary angioedema type 3 differs from types 1 and 2 in that both concentration and function of C1 esterase inhibitor are normal. Hereditary angioedema type 3 is precipitated or worsened by high estrogen levels (e. g. , during pregnancy or treatment with oral contraceptives). Coagulation factor XII, also known as Hageman factor, is a plasma protein. It is the zymogen form of factor XIIa, an enzyme (EC 3. 4. 21. 38) of the serine protease (or serine endopeptidase) class. In humans, factor XII is encoded by the F12 gene. Factor XII is part of the coagulation cascade and activates factor XI and prekallikrein in vitro. Factor XII itself is activated to factor XIIa by negatively charged surfaces, such as glass. This is the starting point of the intrinsic pathway. [citation needed] Factor XII can also be used to start coagulation cascades in laboratory studies.
Blood Clotting Cascade; Complement and Coagulation Cascades; Formation of Fibrin Clot (Clotting Cascade); Hemostasis.


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