Anti-DBP-7 polyclonal antibody (DPAB15824)

Rabbit anti-Human DBP-7 polyclonal antibody for WB Datasheet

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Host Species
Antibody Isotype
Species Reactivity
E. coli expressed recombinant human DBP-7


Alternative Names
Binding Protein-7; Rabbit Anti-DBP-7 Polyclonal Antibody; Anti-DBP-7 Polyclonal Antibody; DBP-7 Polyclonal Antibody Rabbit Anti-DBP-7 PAb; Anti-DBP-7 PAb; DBP-7 PAb

Product Background

Antigen Description
Structural proteins that bind DNA are well-understood examples of non-specific DNA-protein interactions. Within chromosomes, DNA is held in complexes with structural proteins. These proteins organize the DNA into a compact structure called chromatin. In eukaryotes this structure involves DNA binding to a complex of small basic proteins called histones, while in prokaryotes multiple types of proteins are involved. [83][84] The histones form a disk-shaped complex called a nucleosome, which contains two complete turns of double-stranded DNA wrapped around its surface. These non-specific interactions are formed through basic residues in the histones making ionic bonds to the acidic sugar-phosphate backbone of the DNA, and are therefore largely independent of the base sequence. [85] Chemical modifications of these basic amino acid residues include methylation, phosphorylation and acetylation. [86] These chemical changes alter the strength of the interaction between the DNA and the histones, making the DNA more or less accessible to transcription factors and changing the rate of transcription. [87] Other non-specific DNA-binding proteins in chromatin include the high-mobility group proteins, which bind to bent or distorted DNA. [88] These proteins are important in bending arrays of nucleosomes and arranging them into the larger structures that make up chromosomes.


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Duarte, DPF; Jaguaribe, AM; et al. Cardiovascular responses to locomotor activity and feeding in unrestrained three-toed sloths, Bradypus variegatus. BRAZILIAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL AND BIOLOGICAL RESEARCH 37:1557-1561(2004).
Larsen, BA; Darby, RS; et al. The Immediate and Delayed Cardiovascular Benefits of Forgiving. PSYCHOSOMATIC MEDICINE 74:745-750(2012).

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