Anti- ETV1 Monoclonal antibody (DMAB9467)

Mouse Anti- ETV1 Monoclonal antibody for IH, IHC Datasheet

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Host Species
Antibody Isotype
Species Reactivity
bacterial fusion protein ER81


Alternative Names
ETS translocation variant 1; ETV1; ER81

Product Background

Gene summary
ETV1 (ETS Variant 1) is a Protein Coding gene. Diseases associated with ETV1 include ewing sarcoma and gastrointestinal stromal tumor. Among its related pathways are Akt Signaling and Transcriptional misregulation in cancer. GO annotations related to this gene include transcription factor activity, sequence-specific DNA binding and RNA polymerase II core promoter proximal region sequence-specific DNA binding. An important paralog of this gene is ETS2. This gene encodes a member of the ETS (E twenty-six) family of transcription factors. The ETS proteins regulate many target genes that modulate biological processes like cell growth, angiogenesis, migration, proliferation and differentiation. All ETS proteins contain an ETS DNA-binding domain that binds to DNA sequences containing the consensus 5'-CGGA[AT]-3'. The protein encoded by this gene contains a conserved short acidic transactivation domain (TAD) in the N-terminal region, in addition to the ETS DNA-binding domain in the C-terminal region. This gene is involved in chromosomal translocations, which result in multiple fusion proteins including EWS-ETV1 in Erwing sarcoma and at least 10 ETV1 partners (see PMID: 19657377, Table 1) in prostate cancer. In addition to chromosomal rearrangement, this gene is overexpressed in prostate cancer, melanoma and gastrointestinal stromal tumor. Multiple alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been identified.
Antigen Description
Ewing sarcoma (ES) [MIM:612219]: A highly malignant, metastatic, primitive small round cell tumor of bone and soft tissue that affects children and adolescents. It belongs to the Ewing sarcoma family of tumors, a group of morphologically heterogeneous neoplasms that share the same cytogenetic features. They are considered neural tumors derived from cells of the neural crest. Ewing sarcoma represents the less differentiated form of the tumors. Note=The gene represented in this entry is involved in disease pathogenesis. A chromosomal aberration involving ETV1 is found in patients with Erwing sarcoma. Translocation t(7;22)(p22;q12) with EWSR1. ETS translocation variant 1 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the ETV1 gene. 0ER81, a transcription factor, has recently been utilized as a marker of cells in the layer 5 of the neocortex. Er81 transcripts were first detected in the ventricular zone at E15, remained expressed in putative prospective layer 5 neurons during infant and juvenile stages. The ER81-expressing subpopulation in adult layer 5 neurons did not segregate with the phenotypes of the projection targets. ER81 is highly expressed in brain, testis, lung and heart. ER81 is also moderately expressed in spleen, pancreas, colon and small intestine.


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Kunju, LP; Carskadon, S; et al. Novel RNA Hybridization Method for the In Situ Detection of ETV1, ETV4, and ETV5 Gene Fusions in Prostate Cancer. APPLIED IMMUNOHISTOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR MORPHOLOGY 22:E32-E40(2014).
Kubo, H; Shimizu, M; et al. Identification of mesenchymal stem cell (MSC)-transcription factors by microarray and knockdown analyses, and signature molecule-marked MSC in bone marrow by immunohistochemistry. GENES TO CELLS 14:407-424(2009).

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