Anti-CD44 monoclonal antibody (DMAB9527)


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proteoglycans from chick embryos


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Induction of apoptosis and role of paclitaxel-loaded hyaluronic acid-crosslinked nanoparticles in the regulation of AKT and RhoA


Authors: Chaudhry, Gul-e-Saba; Akim, Abdah; Zafar, Muhammad Naveed; Abdullah, M. A.; Sung, Yeong Yik; Muhammad, Tengku Sifzizul Tengku

Cancer is a complex multifactorial disease and leading causes of death worldwide. Despite the development of many anticancer drugs, there is a reduced survival rate due to severe side effects. The nontargeted approach of convention drugs is one of the leading players in context to toxicity. Hyaluronan is a versatile bio-polymer and ligand of the receptor (CD44) on cancer cells. The MCF-7 and HT-29 cancer cell lines treated with hyaluronic acid-paclitaxel (HA-PTX) showed the distinguishing morphological features of apoptosis. Flow cytometric analysis showed that HA-PTX induces apoptosis as a significant mode of cell death. The activation level of tumor suppressor protein (p53) increased after PTX treatment in MCF-7, but no changes observed in HT-29 might be due to hereditary mutations. The lack of suppression in AKT and Rho A protein suggest the use of possible inhibitors in future studies which might could play a role in increasing the sensitivity of drug towards mutated cells line and reducing the possibilities for cancer cell survival, migration, and metastasis.

Multi-layered cellulose nanocrystal system for CD44 receptor-positive tumor-targeted anticancer drug delivery


Authors: Seo, Ji-Hye; Lee, Song Yi; Hwang, ChaeRim; Yang, Mingyu; Lee, Junmin; Lee, Seung-Hwan; Cho, Hyun-Jong

Layer-by-layer approach based on the electrostatic interactions has been introduced to make multi-layered targeting ligand-chemotherapeutics-cellulose nanocrystal (CNC) structure for tumor-targeted drug delivery. Negatively charged CNC was covered with cationic doxorubicin (DOX) molecule (as a chemotherapeutic agent) to fabricate DOX@CNC and sequentially wrapped with anionic hyaluronic acid (HA) polymer (as a CD44 receptor targeting ligand). Rod-shaped HA-coated DOX@CNC (HA@DOX@CNC) has been successfully fabricated and it exhibited 327 nm length, 12 nm width, -38 mV zeta potential, and 3% DOX content. HA@DOX@ CNC displayed higher cellular accumulation efficiency and antiproliferation potentials in CD44 receptor-positive lung adenocarcinoma (A549) cells compared to DOX and DOX-wrapped CNC (DOX@CNC). In A549 spheroid model, HA@DOX@CNC group exhibited superior tumor penetration capability, reactive oxygen species (ROS) production level, and cancer cell killing capacity rather than DOX and DOX@CNC group. In A549 tumor implanted mouse model, Cy5.5-labeled HA@DOX@CNC group exhibited higher tumor accumulation efficiency rather than free Cy5.5 after intravenous injection. All these findings suggest that designed HA@DOX@CNC can be one of promising biocompatible tumor-targeted nano-size drug delivery systems. (C) 2020 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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