EN-TEV Active EN-TEV Protease (mutation S219 N) (DAG-P2272)

EN-TEV Active EN-TEV Protease (aa 1 - 94) (mutation S219 N), recombinant protein from E. coli

Product Overview
Active EN-TEV Protease (mutated S219 N) full length protein
Complete digestion of 50μg of T7 Tag-HBxAg protein using 1μg TEV enzyme (in 1/50 ratio) in either 3 hours at 37 °C or 12 hours at 4 °C. The "standard" reaction buffer for TEV protease is 50 mM Tris-HCl (pH 8.0), 0.5 mM EDTA and 1mM DTT. The duration of th
0.015% EDTA
> 98 % by SDS-PAGE.This antigen is sterile-filtered.
pH: 8.00Constituents: 0.02% DTT, 0.79% Tris HCl, 0.015% EDTA
Store at +4°C short term (1-2 weeks). Aliquot and store at -20°C long term. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles.
Tobacco etch virus (TEV) is a plant pathogenic virus in the genus Potyvirus and the virus family Potyviridae. Like other members of the Potyvirus genus, TEV is a monopartite strand of positive-sense, single-stranded RNA surrounded by a capsid made for a s
Antigen Description
A protease (also termed peptidase or proteinase) is any enzyme that performs proteolysis, that is, begins protein catabolism by hydrolysis of the peptide bonds that link amino acids together in the polypeptide chain forming the protein. Proteases have evolved multiple times, and different classes of protease can perform the same reaction by completely different catalytic mechanisms. Proteases can be found in animals, plants, bacteria, archea and viruses.
EN-TEV Protease


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