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Anti-idiotype Antibody Production

Anti-idiotype Antibody Generation

Anti-idiotype antibodies (anti-IDs) are antibodies directed against the CDR regions (idiotype) of antibodies or T cell receptor (TCR) molecules. Due to the specificity of binding ‘drug’ antibody and receptors, anti-IDs are key reagents in pharmacokinetic (PK) studies and pharmacodynamic (PD) studies. Typically, anti-IDs are also deployed as positive controls in anti-drug antibody (ADA) assays . What is more, anti-IDs that against receptors, like TCRs, can specifically bind and/or block its ligand-binding site, which is instructive to the study of the structure and function of receptors.

What can Creative Diagnostics do for you?

Creative Diagnostics has extensive experience in developing highly specific, high affinity anti-IDs. We offer a comprehensive suite of anti-idiotype antibody generation services, concerning development of both polyclonal and monoclonal anti-IDs. Besides, we have a broad spectrum of development services available to support your study, such as Antibody Fragmentation, Antibody Labeling , contact assay development , etc.

Generation of polyclonal anti-idiotypic antibody
Generation of monoclonal anti-idiotype antibody
Anti-idiotype antibody Assay Development Services

Creative Diagnostics have accomplished more than 90% success rate of anti-IDs development for our clients. We develop custom antibodies that work in your hands and in the end applications. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need free consultation and a detailed quotation of your project.

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