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Enzyme Antibody Labeling and Conjugation

Enzymes, which are widely used as labels especially for antibodies, are remarkable tools for the detection of proteins in tissues, whole cells or lysates with the addition of a substrate to generate a chemiluminescent or fluorescent signal. Besides, enzymes are capable of functioning as highly sensitive probes with a long shelf life and being flexible in signal output and amplification.

Creative Diagnostics provides enzyme-antibody labeling conjugation services for signal generating molecules by using our proprietary enzyme-labeling strategy. Enzyme labeling is usually non-specific and performed through the surface amines, acid, or phenolic groups. Some enzymes have special properties and can be taken advantage of for bioconjugation. By manipulating the reaction conditions and purification methods, single or homogeneous enzyme bioconjugates can be obtained. These enzyme-antibody conjugates can be used in applications such as: ELISAs, Blotting techniques, In situ hybridization, Cytochemistry and IHC detection system.

Enzyme Selection for Bioconjugation

Various reporter enzymes, such as horseradish peroxidase (HRP), Alkaline phosphatase (AP) and many others, can be attached to antibodies and proteins through the use of different coupling chemistries to ensure the maximum retention of activity of both enzyme and protein.

Horseradish peroxidase (HRP) has been used as a colorimetric marker in the area of antibody-based antigen detection assays, such as ELISA, WB, and IHC. It may be either directly conjugated to the antibody of interest or linked to a secondary antibody of interest.

Alkaline phosphatase (AP) is a hydrolase enzyme that is frequently conjugated to antibodies for use in immunoassays. AP has a lower catalytic rate than HRP but has greater stability and maintains longer linear reaction kinetics.

Beta--galactosidease(β--gal) - Antibody labeling

Beta-galactosidase (β-gal) is one of the most widely used reporter enzymes in molecular biology. This versatile reporter enzyme exhibits a high turnover rate and can be used with substrates yielding both soluble and insoluble products. Beta-galactosidase antibody conjugates are excellent choices for photometric and electrochemical enzyme-multiplied assay techniques (EMATs).

Our Custom Labeling Service

Creative Diagnostics can help you decide on which conjugate is the most suitable for your applications, as choose the best antibody enzyme conjugate for your application is not always easy. We are capable of evaluating and collecting the specific project scope in a fast, efficient, and optimized way. We will complete the conjugation within 1-2 weeks from the time we receive the sample. For an additional fee, the labeling ratio can be optimized at the client's request.

If you are interested in our custom labeling service, please feel free to consult our experts and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

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