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Custom Antibody Labeling

Creative Diagnostics owns innovative technology that enables direct and quick labeling of antibodies for use in R&D applications, drug discovery and the development of diagnostic kits. Our custom conjugation service is efficient and confidential, and we guarantee the quality of our work. As well as offering standard protocols for effective conjugation, we will also work with you to adapt and optimize the methods in order to provide you with a conjugated antibody suitable for your particular application needs.

custom antibody labeling services

Creative Diagnostics has a broad range of labels you can select to conjugate to your antibody or protein for use in a wide range of scientific applications (WB, IF, IHC, FC, ELISA, FRET and more). Please find below the list of popular choices and contact us for more options.

Fluorescent labels are generally used for detection of a protein or other labeled molecule via a fluorescence microscope, flow cytometer or some other fluorescence reading instrument. These can be useful in localization of a target within a cell, flow cytometry (FACS) analysis, western blot assays, and other immunoanalytical methods.

Nanoparticle: Nanogold, Colloidal Gold, Nanocrystal, etc.

We offer nanoparticle labeling to antibodies of your choice with a wide range of particle sizes and types for the performance of your conjugate in specific applications, while providing fast turnaround times. Besides, we can work to meet any of your specific needs and provide you with excellent quality using reagents either provided by you or sourced by us.

Biotin: Avidin, Biotin, Streptavidin, etc.

Antibodies labeled with biotin provide the user with a tool for increasing the sensitivity of an assay by its ability to amplify a given reaction. We can help you attach biotin to proteins and other macromolecules, for targeting specific functional groups or residues, including primary amines, sulfhydryls, carboxyls and carbohydrates.

Enzymes can be covalently coupled to a specific antibody using maleimide-sulfhydryl coupling chemistries. Periodate oxidation methods are also used which specifically direct the coupling location to the Fc portion of the antibody molecule to maintain the activity of the antibody.


We offer custom antibody-oligonucleotide conjugates, which permit highly sensitive immunoassay such as immuno-PCR, by immobilizing analytes for each conjugate onto a solid support with cognate capture antibodies.


Antibody conjugated liposomes become more and more popular principally because of their potential use as targeted drug delivery systems and in diagnostic applications. Our company can help you save time and efforts by providing high quality antibody-liposome conjugates using the most advanced technology.

We will make our best effort to develop the conjugate you request. Whatever labels you want in your antibody, just inform us and in most cases we can accommodate your request.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our service.

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