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Chemiluminescent Immunoassay Development

For many years, Creative Diagnostics has supported the life science industry with a full range of the highest quality antibodies, proteins, hybridomas, rapid test, and diagnostics kits. To further enable innovative biomarker development for different fields, we offer highly customised Chemiluminescent Immunoassay Development solutions to meet your basic, applied and clinical research demands.

Chemiluminescent Immunoassays (CLIAs) have revolutionized biological and chemical detection. Based on the detection of a protein that glows or emits light in a chemiluminescent reaction, CLIA is a faster assays technique that does not require stop reactions and has short incubation times. In addition, it has a much wider detection range than either RIAs or ELISAs and is also extremely sensitive under low analyte concentration conditions. 

Creative Diagnostics provides a variety of ultra-sensitive chemiluminescence assays for measuring reporter gene activity or the activity of any target of interest with our adaptable ELISA assay formats

Rapid, Ultra-Sensitive Antigen Detection

Creative Diagnostics Chemiluminescent Alkaline Phosphatase ELISA development is available in four different formats and a convenient sampler format to enable the development of immunoassays with the sensitivity and throughput tailored to your research needs. Optimized ELISA reagents provide rapid, quantifiable results and significantly extend the limits of detection beyond those of most colorimetric and isotopic methods.

Chemiluminescent Reporter Gene Assays

Chemiluminescent reporter gene assays are available in three formats: secreted alkaline phosphatase reporter, β-galactosidase reporter, and dual β-galactosidase and firefly luciferase reporter formats.

Creative Diagnostics reporter gene assays offer chemiluminescent measurement of reporter gene activity that is more sensitive than colorimetric or fluorescent detection. Our scientists can help you to create customized kits that are available for almost any reporter genes, and are optimized to yield consistent results with high sensitivity over a wide dynamic range spanning femtogram to nanogram amounts of reporter.

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