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Antibody Fluorescent Dye Labeling

Creative Diagnostics offers a range of fluorescent dye labeling services which enable you to get the best out of our technologies for custom project. We help you develop assay by making the dyes, conjugating the antibodies and performing the purification in our facilities.

Fluorescent labels are generally used in laboratories for visualizing and studying proteins or other labeled molecules. Unlike enzymes or biotin, fluorescent labels do not require additional reagents for detection. Hence, they play significant roles in localization of a target within a cell, flow cytometry (FACS) analysis, WB, and other immunoanalytical methods.

Choosing the best fluorophore conjugate for your application is not always easy. Creative Diagnostics can help you decide on the most suitable conjugate for your applications, and offer high-quality, time- and cost-saving antibody fluorescent labeling services. Fluorescent conjugating to nucleoside triphosphates and incorporated into a probe for in situ hybridization is also available in Creative Diagnostics. Furthermore, most of our labels can be used with multiple antibodies that do not cross-react to create custom multiplexed assays.

Optimization of Fluorescent Labeling

Fast – average turnaround is less than 2 weeks
High Quality – produced, conjugated and purified in-house
Guaranteed – we’ve done 2800s of successful conjugations Our currently available custom antibody fluorescent labeling services are listed below:
Traditional fluorophores - e.g. FITC, TRITC, Texas Red, Phycoerythrin (PE)
Alexa Fluor dyes
ATTO Fluor dyes
Cy dyes
AMCA dyes
Cascade Blue, Oregon Green, and other Molecular Probes proprietary fluorophores

  • Fluorescence color
  • Fluorochrome
  • Maximal absorbance(nm)
  • Maximal emission(nm)
  • DyLight 755
  • 754
  • 776
  • DyLight 680
  • 692
  • 712
  • Peridinin Chlorophyll(PerCP)
  • 490
  • 675
  • DyLight 650
  • 650
  • 673
  • Allophycocyanin (APC)
  • 650
  • 660
  • DyLight 550
  • 593
  • 618
  • Rhodamine
  • 570
  • 590
  • Phycoerythrin (PE)
  • 480
  • 578
  • FITC
  • 495
  • 519
  • DyLight 405
  • 401
  • 421


We are experienced in performing both small-scale and large-scale conjugations - let us put our expertise to work for your specialist conjugation requirements. 

If you do not find the label you are interested in, we will find a solution for you!

If you need assistance in choosing the optimal fluorophore for your conjugation, please feel free to consult our experts and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

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