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Anti-Hapten Antibody Production


A hapten is a small molecule that can elicit an immune response only when conjugated with a large carrier such as a protein. Typical haptens include drugs, urushiol, quinone, steroids, etc.

Peptides and non-protein antigens usually need conjugating to a carrier protein (such as BSA (bovine serum albumin) or KLH (keyhole limpet hemocyanin) to become good immunogens). Additionally, haptens should be administered with an adjuvant to ensure a high quality immune response.

Small molecules, when used as haptens, are not immunogenic. However, on conjugating with carrier molecule they elicit antibody response. The production of anti-hapten antibodies of desired specificity largely depends on the hapten design (preserving greatly the chemical structure and spatial conformation of target compound), selection of the appropriate carrier protein and the conjugation method. We design anti-hapten antibodies based on the HaptenDB information.

Both polyclonal and monoclonal production to haptens can be provided by Creative Diagnostics. We guarantee at least two (2) positive clones for ANTI-HAPTEN monoclonal antibodies development

The process of producing anti-hapten antibodies:

Creative Diagnostics’ proprietary antibody platform successfully made various anti-hapten antibodies which are widely used in diagnostic detection of drugs of abuse, therapeutic drug monitoring and testing pesticides residues.
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