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Magic™ Alkaline Phosphatase Conjugation Kit

  • Cat.No.
  • XSL0045
  • Intended Use
  • Magic™ Alkaline Phosphatase Conjugation Kit is an antibody and protein labeling kit that allows researchers to covalently label Alkaline Phosphatase Conjugation to antibodies, proteins or peptides. The procedure is easy to use and doesn't involve spin or separation steps.
  • Size
  • XSL0045-1 1 x 100 µg
    XSL0045-2 3 x 100 µg
    XSL0045-3 3 x 10 µg
    XSL0045-3 1 mg
  • Contents of Kit
  • Magic™ Alkaline Phosphatase mix 1 or 3 vial(s)
    Modifier reagent 1 vial
    Quencher reagent 1 vial
  • Assay Procedure
  • 1. Before you add antibody to the Magic™ Alkaline Phosphatase mix, add 1 μl of Modifier reagent for each 10 μl of antibody to be labelled. Mix gently.

    2. Remove the screw cap from the vial of Magic™ Alkaline Phosphatase mix and pipette the antibody sample (with added modifier) directly onto the lyophilised material. Resuspend gently by withdrawing and re-dispensing the liquid once or twice using a pipette.

    3. Place the cap back on the vial and leave the vial standing for 3 hours at room temperature (20-25°C). Alternatively, and sometimes more conveniently, conjugations can be set up and left at 4°C overnight, as the longer incubation time has no negative effect on the conjugate.

    4. After incubating for 3 hours (or more), add 1 μl of quencher reagent for every 10 μl of antibody used. The conjugate can be used after 30 minutes. No separation steps are necessary.
  • Storage
  • The kit is shipped at ambient temperature in a tamper-evident polypropylene container.

    Store the kits at -20°C upon receipt.

    Please note that the modifier and quencher can be stored at either 4°C or -20°C.

    For any new conjugate, initial storage at 4°C is recommended for 12-18 months. A preservative may be desirable for long-term storage up to 2 years. Other storage conditions (e.g. frozen at -70°C or stored at -20°C with 50% glycerol) may also be satisfactory. The best conditions for any particular conjugate must be determined by experimentation.
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